Control Excel by Visual LISP

by Koz Jono Yeoh
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Excel ActiveX Object Model in Visual LISP

    There are three very important Excel ActiveX Object we should know to use for controlling Excel from within Visual LISP:

Step1: Catch or create Excel session

    The three Visual LISP functions to catch other application objects support ActiveX:

    The Prog-id for MS Excel is "Excel.Application". So we can use (setq xl (vlax-get-or-create-object "Excel.Application")) to get an existing opened Excel session or automatically create a new Excel session if there is not an active Excel session in most situations.

Our codes:
(setq xl (vlax-get-or-create-object "Excel.Application"))

Step1.5: Secrets on detail information about Excel ActiveX Object

    The whole information about Excel ActiveX Object properties and methods can be found via Object Explorer in Excel Visual Basic Editor [Press "F2" to start in Visual Basic Editor].

Step2: Important properties and methods of the Excel session and workbook

    The whole properties and methods of an existing VLA_OBJECT can be get by calling vlax-dump-object (See detail on AutoCAD help documents). For the Excel session VLA-OBJECT, here are the important properties and methods we will use:



    The workbook contain the following important properties and methods:



    The worksheet contain the following important properties and methods:



Our codes:
;Start Excel session
(setq xl (vlax-get-or-create-object "Excel.Application"))
(vlax-put-property xl "Visible" :vlax-true)
(if (null (vlax-get-property xl "ActiveSheet"))
  (vlax-invoke-method (vlax-get-property xl "WorkBooks") "Add")
;Processing main data procedure <discuss later>
(if (vlax-get-property xl "ActiveWorkbook")(progn
;Not save workbook and close
  (vlax-invoke-method (vlax-get-property xl "ActiveWorkbook") "Close" :vlax-False)
;Save workbook and close
  (vlax-invoke-method (vlax-get-property xl "ActiveWorkbook") "Close" :vlax-True "C:/Sample.XLS")
;Close the Excel session
  (vlax-invoke-method xl "Quit")
  (vlax-release-object xl)
  (setq xl nil)

Step3: Discover the RANGE

    The RANGE is the most important object because it is the container of all data in Excel. The RANGE properties and methods are as following:


The cell border object collection



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